Tuesday, March 31, 2009

snowman nearly done..

which is good, as it's spring now, lol.. (Thanks, Val..)
I've done a grid pattern across the diagonal and the corners are free motion with the BSR foot. Oops.. my bread is done and I need to remove it from the oven.
I'm making a 7 grain bread recipe from my bread machine cookbook but have recently discovered if I use the dough/pasta cycle I can take it out and bake it in the oven and get a much better bread.. the French bread was out of this world!!

Back to the snowman. Here are different views. The first, I've done a view of the grid pattern. I love the Bernina walking foot!!
I had to skip over the appliqu├ęd letters and the snowman but it wasn't hard, just a lot of clipping of threads when I was done.
I'll use a green stripe that coordinates with the brown stripe for the bias binding. The corners had a nearly solid brown fabric so I thought they needed a bit more interest. I did a free motion star and curlicue for those, which was fun....

Hope they show up okay.

Now the bread is actually ready. It needed five more minutes when I checked it last time. MMMMM it sure smells good..

I'm planning to spend more time blogging and reading blogs, and I've also set myself the task of watching the videos I've purchased of thequiltshow.com and the Fons&Porter tips.. I paid for membership at QNN so I really ought to be using it.. got to keep the little grey cells working.
Bread awaits..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

geez louise!

Well, now I know just why I haven't blogged in a while...
It took me the better part of an hour to get the images uploaded, and I ended up emailing them to my laptop and then it was simple. There is something radically wrong with the settings on my PC because I never had trouble with Firefox or the cable internet, but now with that G3 thingy I can't type a half decent reply on Delphi forums without it stalling and I have to select all my stuff, copy it to Notepad, then control, alt, delete, and stop firefox, then restart it and try again. I keep getting the " Firefox is not responding" so I even deleted the darn thing and reinstalled it!!!!!!!! I hate playing games with computers. This is also why I had so many gazillion backup disks, because whenever I had problems with previous computers, I would make backups of everything I thought I might want to save.. problem was, I didn't have a sensible sorting system. Now I have decided when I back things up, I will make it easier on myself, AND label the cd as well.
Insert expletive here! LOL.
I hope to have more pics to upload soon but right now I need to get back to quilting a grid pattern across a snowman wallhanging I started last fall. And force myself to finish projects in a reasonable amount of time... and not start things I can't finish, and...
sigh.... I am my mother after all ....... yikes..

Playing Catchup

I've spent weeks organizing my backup files and downloaded embroidery files which somehow had been duplicated half a zillion times... I also had 3 cd's worth of bernina pdf's from their old site, and all this stuff was on dozens of 'backup' disks that were nearly impossible to search. A few months ago, I got a portable hard drive, so I decided to upload every disk I'd made and sort them... I've been doing this for going on four weeks now!!
Then I thought I'd machine quilt that Warm Wishes quilt.. what is it with me and impossible tasks ???
I've got about two thirds of it done and have removed it from the machine temporarily so I can work on other UFOs.. eek.
I am hoping to have more to post soon. This connection is not the best but it seems to be my settings, not the G3 card.. I'm still researching causes.. bear with me. I'm trying to get it to stay connrcted long enough to upload a pic :((