Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More pictures..

I do love these old pictures, and since Erika reminded me that others do, too... here's a couple of pics of my FIL and his brothers, one labeled 1925.

This third picture is of my son and his cousins, taken in 1980, and this one is everyone's favorite, so it will go on the quilt too. They had a blast together that summer. DH was in school in San Diego so we went home to visit and the boys played outside all summer long..

Picture number 4 is one of my favorites.. It's DH and his brothers.. there are a lot of males in the family, can you tell ? Since I put in his dad's cowboy picture, I had to put in the one of DH and his brothers.. DH is the one in the middle.. Don't you love how his older brother is standing at attention and his younger brother is getting ready to "Draw!" ? Love the big old key rings, too..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

catching up

I've been trying to get organized for the past two weeks and clear out old email digests, and move embroidery files to one location, etc.. I'm also working on some UFO's and getting ready to spend winter with my DH in another state, so I've got a lot of projects in various stages. Most recent is a pictorial quilt I want to do for a gift for someone special. I went thru old photos and memorabilia this week, sorting and trying to find the perfect pics. I love this one.. it's DH's mum and her siblings.. MIL is seated beside her brother, probably trying to make him sit still and quit swinging his leg.

I found letters from my aunts and cards from friends, and old school papers of my son's.. great reading..

Hopefully once I get some of these things done I can post pics of what I have done. Maybe it will motivate me to do more. And maybe even blog more, lol..