Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm still waiting for my machine to come back from the spa, but I have managed to baste together the fiesta table topper that I was working on. A bit blurry but for some reason lately I must be moving the camera as I click the shutter. I apologize for the view of the trashcan, lol. The kitchen in this apartment is very 'cosy' to say the least.

I've never gone this long without a machine.. I've been knitting socks and am ready to do the toe grafting so I can finish them. Whew. That was a lot of knitting considering I didn't even learn how till last May. But it was fun and next project is the slouch hat on the cover of the Winter 2009/2010 Knit Simple magazine. That baby alpaca is sooo soft.. they said it knits up fast so I am looking forward to this project.

Otherwise, I had to get a new rotary blade again today because I dropped the cutter on the floor and nicked the blade on the tile.. sigh.. so now I am all set to start preparations for when Nina comes home from her spa visit !! I have missed that machine sew much ... we'll both be happy to have her sitting on her little table again. Only ten more days till she comes home.
Can't wait... meanwhile I have some hand stitching to do on an autumn design that I'd purchased two years ago. It will be good to get that done. Busy, busy!