Friday, November 9, 2007

Quilting in the hoop !

I have a new bedroom and a new sewing room !! We decided to switch rooms, so I can use the large closet for storing my fabric and crafting items, and it's a larger room for all my machines and tables, so I've been moving things in and out all week. I had good luck with using the feather for quilting in the hoop, so I decided to try it on a quilt top I'd had stored for several years. It's coming along nicely. I have just the last border to finish and I'll have a new quilt for my new bedroom... It's a Delectable Mountains quilt from Eleanor Burns' Quilt in a Day series.. only this is more like a 'quilt in a decade', ggg
I quilted it on the kitchen table, where I had plenty of room to spread out the quilt so it wouldn't pull on the hoop. What a brilliant plan. I have decided to use a large table in my sewing room next time, so we can still eat spaghetti in the kitchen (grin)

We picked an odd color for the bedroom. I had some extremely pale pink left over from one room and some equally pale blue from another so we combined them and it's a white with lavender overtones now.. it was hard to paint because it goes on very white and then darkens later, so it was hard to see just where we missed.. only NOW we can see it and of course there's no more paint.. and it wasn't a formula from the paint store, so we'll just live with it.. there are only a few streaks unpainted, and nobody else is going to be looking up at the ceiling in my bedroom at any rate.
It's almost like moving into a new home, with all the things we've done this year ! So much easier than actually moving across town or across the country.. done that so many times as a military wife that I would much rather just switch rooms, believe me !