Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Note to self: rolling chairs and treadle machines don't play well together.

OW. My leg still hurts from the attempt. And it took me awhile to realize it, too. That's the worst part. How foolish you feel once you realize, "duhhh... it's the wheels causing the problems.."
Oh well. Par for the course in my universe ! It goes along with another life lesson, "Rolling the rotary cutter backward to catch a bit of uncut fabric is not a good idea when you use your thumb as a stop." Hey, did I ever claim to be a genius?? Well, there you have it.

I don't want to be on Randy Cassingham's list of Obliviots, so I am trying to be a little more aware of what I do BEFORE I do it.. I bought a new rotary cutter that is a bit safer, and I put a straight chair at the treadle machine.

Did I mention I dropped a sewing machine on my foot at work last week? Well, yeah, it wasn't intentional.. the top wasn't on tight, apparently.. my toe is finally beginning to look like a human toe again. I tell ya, if I weren't such a klutz there would be a lot less entertainment value in my blog..

Now on to more interesting things. I saw an eagle today, soaring high over a giant flagpole in Greene, Maine this afternoon. At first I thought he was a finial at the top of the pole but then I realized he was in the sky behind the pole. Cool ! His white wingtips flashed in the sun as he wheeled and drifted on a rising thermal current. That was great. I wish I had had my camera with me !
I've seen a half dozen eagles this year. One was sitting on a cow skeleton by the river, a few months ago. Another was dragging a 10 foot long tree branch through the air and having quite a time of it, but he was determined not to let go. (I was glad, because had he dropped it, it might have made my car insurance rates even higher than they are.... )
That's one of the great things about living in Maine. I see an abundance of wildlife, and in my 50 mile drive to work there are some brilliant views... One of these days I need to post some pictures of those views. The view from Turner's Upper Road is spectacular. You can see the Presidential Range in New Hampshire from there. I'll see if I can get pictures of that sometime soon.
My boss' niece writes the SouleMama blog, and her pictures of Maine are fabulous if you ever get a chance to see them.
Anyway.. Thanks to my pals Wilda and Val for their comments on my last post. It's good to be back in blogger land again !


SewIknit2 said...

ouch!! OUCH! my brother dropped a bottle of JD on his foot (or rather, he caught the bottle as he dropped it with his foot!) and broke it! painful!

wildlife and pics are lovely to share with us over-the-pond that don't have this experience!

sue x

makeitsew07 said...

oh, dear... I wonder was it more painful to break the foot or the bottle of Jack Daniels ? He'd probably say the latter..
It's odd how the bruise spreads a bit more each day but the foot doesn't really hurt. I'm just glad it wasn't one of those $10K machines. It would hurt more to see that broken, for sure.. eeek. Speshly since it would definitely have belonged to someone else. :-(

Cath Ü said...

Deb if you were at out retreat you would definately win the trophy for next year with all the things that happen to you...LOL

I want to say thankyou for commenting on our ew blog.. Jan & Cath's Bits and Bobs.....

Please make sure you are back on July 27th for our first lot of freebies, patterns and news....

Cath Ü

Valeri said...

Gosh you sound as if you have been in the worst of all wars! Not good! We saw an eagle when we were in Scotland last year. Superb sight. We're going up again in September for a holiday so who knows we may see another one!

makeitsew07 said...

I'm doing much better now. I have these bouts of klutziness and then there will be periods of relative calm, or grace, perhaps ?
Thanks for your kind comments !