Friday, August 10, 2012

a little knitty bit..

My Putney shawl from the knit-along at Yardgoods Center. I am using Heritage Silk Paints in color 9789, and I love this green ! The yarn is so soft and easy to knit.. I picked up the yarn yesterday and the class is tomorrow. It's an easy pattern, so far.. but I am not sure about the lacy edge. Fairly new to the knitting world and between my dyslexia and my grasshopper attention span, I may do a lot of 'frogging' once I get to the edge.
I'll never be as fast a knitter as my cyber-pal Sue, but I'm having fun nonetheless. 


Erika said...

I love taking classes. So how is the knitting class going? That is one craft I don't know how to do and at the present I don't have time to learn. I love crochet and do almost every kind there is.

makeitsew07 said...

Hey, there, chickie.. I was talking about you and the spider can yesterday ! LOL
The knitting is going okay. I was doing the yarn overs correctly but I am slow as cold molasses and had to rip out about six rows and redo them so I am about where I was before. I went to a quilting retreat over in China, ME this weekend so I didn't go to the knitting class.
How have you been?

Erika said...

Tired-working a lot of hours.
I am working on a few crochet items -
soaker diaper cover
wash cloths
and a belly dance belt.
I'm also working on making quilts for everyone for Xmas.
I have to post my progress soon on my blog.

SewIknit2 said...

I think you'll love the class and the project! The yarn looks seriously yummy! It's sew nice to share knitting with you!
Sue xx