Thursday, August 11, 2011

catching up

Well, crud.. I typed an entire page and it has disappeared. fooey.

I've been working on unfinished projects in the ten days since I was laid off from my job, and have gotten the binding done on that Christmas quilt as well as finishing four scrub tops for John. I switched last year to a new pattern from Kwik Sew and he says they are a lot more comfortable than the old ones were. Three of them have a fishing theme and one is black with white skeletons... appropriate for an X-ray man, I think..

My camera seems to have sprouted legs. I can't recall where I put it. I'd love to take a picture of the bloom that finally sprouted on my hydrangea. Mike gave me that one for Mother's Day about 5 years ago, and it's never blossomed since I planted it. It's a lovely big blue ball at the bottom of the plant. My day lilies are mostly gone by but I do still have some yellow and peach colored ones. They seem to enjoy all this rain we've been having. Everything is so lush this year !

My dear friend Jan sent me a nifty little bag last month and I am making several of them with yarny fabrics so I can use them with my knitting. They are so easy to make, and just the thing with that knitting-themed fabric I'd been saving.

Off to the sewing room.. perhaps I will uncover the camera while I am in there !


Cath Ü said...

Oh I hope you find your camera.... nothing worse then can't find it when you need it.....

SewIknit2 said...

have you found your camera yet!?
I love little knitty project bags and spookily my two fave ones that I find the most useful were freebie gifts on cover of SK magazine
they are a sort of cheap plasticy type of material but they hold their shape and they zip,
perhaps i ought findMY camera and SHOW! lol!!
I'll show you MY (knitty bags) if YOU show me YOURS! lol!!
Happy sewing! love the personalised scrubs idea!
Sue xxx

Valeri said...

Have you found your camera? I hate losing things. I lost my mobile this morning but fortunately I eventually found it! Sorry about your job! Val xx

makeitsew07 said...

I did find my camera but I am not sure just which memory card the pictures are on. I'm away from home for a couple of weeks so I won't be able to post a pic till I get home.
Thanks for asking, everyone.

Hopefully if my shoulder will permit it, I can do another post soon. Right now it burns like fire to type on this laptop.. :-(